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Partners South Insurance and Estate Planning is one of the country’s premier firms specializing in Asset and Wealth protection. We work with individuals to plan for protecting their existing savings and retirement accounts to make sure they never outlive their money. We also work with individuals on setting up new plans to prepare for their future retirement. The plans Partners South work with are different in many ways from a number of traditional approaches in the fact that we only work with guaranteed products. We only want to work with the money you want back, in other words the money you never want to lose. There are many options for guaranteeing you never out live your money. There are also options for qualified plans such as IRAs, SEP Plans, ROTH Plans and 401k Plans that also provide these guarantees. The best option is to set up a tax-free retirement income you cannot outlive.

When working with professionals and business owners it is extremely important to plan for financial strength to weather the ups and downs in the economy. Guaranteeing not to lose assets is extremely important. Using necessary business protection to help fund retirement is a great option. Buy-Sell agreements and Key-Man plans, funded by insurance contracts to provide for tax-free income at the time of retirement, cover many company needs.

Partners South welcomes the opportunity to work with you in conjunction with your tax and legal advisors to make sure the plans we show you conform to the objectives you have in mind. tim fussell, fox news, ira, iras, sep, sep plans, 401k, 401k plans, tax-free, tax-free income, tax free, tax free income, asset, wealth, protection, retirement, patrick kelly, sage college fund, sage college plan, management, annuity, annuities

Published Articles

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Partners South articles have appeared on Fox Business News.  We are also an invited contributor to CNN Money and Fortune Magazine.

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